About Us - Key Team


Our belief is that every employee in an organization is important and plays a role in the company’s progress. Our team is a good mix of industry veterans who form our backbone and young blood who offer us a fresh perspective.

Mr.SatyanLV Satyan-Financial Expertise

Mr. Satyan comes from a financial background with over 20 years of Banking experience. He has since made the transition towards Management Consulting and has helped many an organisation to turn their fortunes around.Recognising the importance of Financial Oversight and Control in the Construction business, he is helping to set up processes for better monitoring and control, in addition to this he also guides the organisation on other operational aspects.A gadget freak, he spends his free time keeping up with the latest in the world of technology and gizmos.

Mr.SundaramSundaram. M-Customer Relations Expertise

A dedicated professional and a devoted company person, Mr.Sundaram comes with rich experience in the Contracting and Construction business.During the course of his career, he has had stints in Purchase as well as HR Functions.At Ramcons, Mr.Sundaram Heads Facility Management Service Division and also handles Customer Relations function, which means he serves as the customer’s ‘Point Person’. He interacts with customers as well as different departments in the company and gets things done on customers’ behalf.A college level cricket player, Mr. Sundaram retains an active interest in the game

Krishnamoorthi.V-Statutory Compliance Expertise

An energetic and highly motivated professional, Krishnamoorthi currently looks after Statutory Compliance and Accounts at Ramcons. Prior to this, he has had stints in Finance and General Accounting. At Ramcons, he looks after critical aspects like Property Documentation, Auditing, Taxation, Vendor Dissension, Client Dissension, and all other Statutory Requirements, in coordination with our counsels. Jovial by nature, he enjoys participating in a game of cricket or listening to light music.

Muthukrishnan. S – Project Management Expertise

With over 19+ years of experience in residential and commercial construction, S. Muthukrishnan is a seasoned professional well-versed in project engineering, planning, and controls. His career has encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including vendor and contractor coordination, cost control, and reporting. Having worked with renowned companies in Chennai, his expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, from concept to completion. Currently, as AGM, Projects he plays the pivotal roles of appointing project consultants, liaising with stakeholders at every stage of project development, and orchestrating seamless collaboration among multiple parties involved in a project. His impressive track record make him an invaluable asset to any construction endeavour, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Palani Krishnan. k – Project Management Expertise

A dedicated professional, Mr. Palani Krishnan is committed to delivering excellence in every project he undertakes. He has expertly managed a diverse portfolio of projects, including residential buildings, villas, townships, IT parks, and plot developments. From inception to completion, he consistently demonstrates exceptional skill in overseeing multiple projects simultaneously while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. Mr. Krishnan excels in fostering collaboration with project teams, sales, CRM, accounts, and other internal departments to ensure seamless project execution. His proven track record in meticulous scheduling, detailed project costing, cash flow management, and daily reconciliation underscores his unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

Siva Ganesh. P – Procurement Management Expertise

With over 25 years of experience, Siva Ganesh is a seasoned civil engineer adept at merging technical prowess with commercial acumen. His expertise spans procurement, project management, resource mobilization, contract management, and billing processes. Siva excels in fostering effective collaborations with diverse stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication and project synergy. His track record boasts successful, and on-time project deliveries. As an experienced civil engineer, Siva Ganesh brings valuable insights and leadership to our company.


Ravi Ganesh. R – Procurement Expertise

An experienced negotiator, Mr. Ravi Ganesh oversees all operations within the purchase department. His rich experience of 18 years in vendor management, procurement and store management has resulted in ensuring elimination of any interruptions in progress, on-time completion of all projects and ensuring superior material delivery at competitive prices. Enthusiastic and energetic, his demonstrated history in vendor management has been responsible for the development of multiple strategic vendor/supplier partnerships. Mr. Ravi is a capable problem solver who enjoys music and a game of badminton & volleyball.